Dev Patel Tried Out For A “Star Wars” Role … But Wasn’t Cast

It feels like every working actor in Hollywood was rumored at one point to be in talks for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Credit: Ellis Parrinder

Credit: Ellis Parrinder

Now that the cast has been announced and filming has begun, most of these rumors have been put to bed and left us puzzling over how we feel and contemplating what might have been.

According to THR, Dev Patel tested for a role but wasn’t cast. Inevitably, this turns thoughts to the level of diversity we should expect to see in the next Star Wars installment. Of the ten actors listed in the cast (three of whom are Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford from the original trilogy) only two are of color: British-Nigerian actor, John Boyega and Guatemalan actor, Oscar Isaac. While the race of some characters may be excused by their biological ties to characters from the original trilogy, it’s still a tad disheartening to see how few people of color (and women) there appear to be in this otherwise advanced galaxy far, far away.

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