Revolutionizing Desi Glamour: The Sari Edition

South Asian fashion is known for its luxury pieces, vibrant colors, and intricate fabrics. However the traditional clothing can be modernized for every day. Yes ladies I’m giving you a foolproof hot exotic outfit!! And this is a new look for you trend-setters and fashionistas, an experimentation with global fashion! I’m talking about saris!! This traditional attire is undergoing a transformation!


Sonam Kapoor’s marvelous sari outfits. Photo Courtesy of Fashion Styles and We!!

Starting with the South East, we’re stopping in India, for one recent fashion up and comer. Not only does Sonam Kapoor’s ravishing smile draw us in but it’s her fashion style that doesn’t let us leave.

Daughter of icon Anil Kapoor and former model and designer, Sunita Kapoor, this Bollywood beauty leaves us speechless every time she gets in front of the camera. Sonam is known in B-town for her stylish one of a kind eccentric fashion choices. She has been seen time and time again adding her own flair to the traditional sari.  This fashionista loves cute quirky prints, eccentric cuts and attention-grabbing blouses paired with statement piece necklaces. It’s an entire ensemble for Miss Kapoor, who dresses herself head to toe doing her hair in matching updos, dazzling make-up, even tying in the shoes. But it is her fashionable saris that grab our eyes.

Her black and white rare sari (far left) created by designer Masaba Gupta, who Sonam is most often seen in, is commanded by large black polka dots and a full-length blouse. Sonam Kapoor was spotted again wearing designer Masaba Gupta at the launch of the Wassup Fest, an art & entertainment festival. Her fabulous green sari scored her a ten out of ten due to her pairing of a flutter-sleeve blouse with a thick velvet hem.

My favorite style choice was her red and black sari (fourth) by designer Kollol Datta. The sari is a red crepe is entirely printed with a black design giving it a timeless chic look. But it was her pairing of a traditional sari with that bold necklace that made it her own. She brought that outfit into 2013 with a chunky statement piece that immediately made it an outfit every 20-something-year-old wants! Sonam is the epitome of excellently blending old with new and adding her youthful personal taste to bring the sari into the modern culture!

pussycat dolls_1

The Pussycat Dolls, photo courtesy of V! MaL Matters…

And we come back to the North West for a desi look. Jaws dropped as celebrity trendsetters, the Pussycat Dolls wore saris while attending the 2008 Fashion Rocks concert, which is an international charity fundraiser featuring top designers from around the world. The Pussycat Dolls were asked to be the performers of the night and kindly requested the help of designer Rocky S to create their glamorous attire. They preferred an Indian designer because they were “working with Bollywood” (Desihits)….can I assume they were talking about the prestigious A.R. Rahman? Who’s to say but they made an excellent decision!  Rocky S designed beautiful saris!

Each wore a various stunning personal rendition of the sari while still holding to the integrity of the cultural garment as well as draping it to the personality of each performer. This truly shows you can wear the sari any way you choose and modernize it to your personal taste.

The sari can be a daunting choice to wear unless to an only Indian affair so DON’T LET IT OVERPOWER YOU! The benefits outweigh the cons! Style it the way you want, glamorize it with jewelry, hair, make-up, the whole shebang! Take a style risk and reap the rewards. This is a modern take to an otherwise traditional Indian attire! Do what you love! 


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