Shehla Chatoor, Designing Gold

"Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013" by Shehla Chatoor. Courtesy of "Secret Closet"

“Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013” by Shehla Chatoor. Courtesy of “Secret Closet”

Speechless. Breathtaking. Edgy. Fashionable. Traditional. Modern. Vintage. Comfortable. High-End Luxury.

These words barely scratch the surface on Pakistani designer Shehla Chatoor’s fashion line! Literally every garment Chatoor constructed is a vintage piece recreated for modern relevant wear enriched by the culture of South Asia.

Shehla was born in Karachi, Pakistan and went on to study at University of Houston, where she got her inspiration for the background and motifs for her brand.

“Shehla integrates Zardozi, and Mukesh techniques with age old Gara embroideries in her work to create timeless pieces,” stated Secret Closet Online Expose of notable Pakistani designers. “[She] has proven her sensibilities for both vintage eastern and urban glamour creations. Her signature style is unmistakable whether it be bridal trousseau, evening couture, or day pret wear.”

"Runaway Bridal Collection" by Shehla Chatoor. Courtesy of "Secret Closet"

“Runaway Bridal Collection” by Shehla Chatoor. Courtesy of “Secret Closet”

Chatoor’s creations are ridiculously fashion forward. Wearing the outfit itself will already give you a fabulous look—there’s nothing you have to do!

She uses many colors such as golds, reds, oranges, cyan blue, and many more that accentuate and enhance the lovely shades of brown skin colors of South Asia. She has seven collections, of which some were strutted down the runway at past Fashion Pakistan Week. Some of her notable collections were La Dolce Vita and Spring Equinox. Almost all of her designs vary from modern western styles to vintage traditional Pakistani/Indian fashion panaches designed for relevant wear. Her designs are completely exquisite and wonderfully refreshing for all types of personal style for going out, going to events, or even bridal, conservative or not.

Look out for Shehla Chatoor and her opulent garments!

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