“Sister Claire,” The Story of a Nun Who Puts the “R” in Representation.

A Strip From The "Sister Claire" Comic, from www.sisterclaire.com.

A Strip From The “Sister Claire” Comic, from www.sisterclaire.com.

Note: this article contains spoilers for the online comic “Sister Claire.”

I fell in love with this comic a long time ago and who wouldn’t!  This comic has everything, religious and anima puns, kittens, witches, a remixed Ki$ha song, and best of all diversity, all wrapped up in a bundle of cuteness.

The comic primarily focuses on sister Claire, a young adorable nun who is on a mission from God. Trouble starts when sister Catherine is possessed by an evil cat named Grimm, which eventually forces sister Claire and her friends on a journey to the magical land of Thronum Mare. And although the comic doesn’t start off with a lot of variety, the range of characters does pick up once the journey begins.

“Sister Claire” introduces many characters such as people of color and transgender people, and they are not just background characters but they greatly contribute to the storyline. One of the first people we meet early on in the comic is Sister Jackson, a strong and compassionate nun trained in the ways of nun-fu (yeah, it’s a thing).

A strip from the online comic " Sister Claire," that  can be found at www.sisterclaire.com.

A strip from the online comic ” Sister Claire,” that can be found at www.sisterclaire.com.

Jackson is accompanied by Sister Oscar, a transgender nun, and Sister Olga both of whom she helps to overcome their insecurities.

Another group of characters worth mentioning is a newly introduced wolf pack. Not much is known about them yet but from the looks of things it seems like a mighty juicy back story that’ll lead to some thrilling future events.

An alltered strip from the comic " Sister Claire." Original can be found at www.sisterclaire.com.

An altered strip from the comic ” Sister Claire.” Original can be found at www.sisterclaire.com.

The creators, Elena and her wife Ash, have obviously put a lot of care and love into this comic. Even though it might not be suggested for those who are very sensitive about their religion it does bring together many characters that have historically been removed from or persecuted by the church.

“Sister Claire ” can be found at www.sisterclaire.com.

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