Teen Wolf: “Anchors” Brings Us Back

Season 3B promotional photo, copyright MTV

Season 3B promotional photo, copyright MTV

With the midseason premiere of Teen Wolf, comes an increasingly darker tone in the show. A tone that could mirror the darkness being experienced by Scott, Stiles and Allison after the lengths they went to in order to save their parents from Jennifer, the Darach.

Stiles is continuously stuck in a series of nightmares he can’t escape from , can’t read and is constantly unaware of whether he is awake or dreaming.  Allison is hallucinating visions of her dead aunt Kate and is having trouble with her hunting skills that could lead to dangerous results. Scott is seeing shadows of his wolf form which he also cannot control.

The increasing troubles in the minds of the three isn’t the only obstacle that Scott and friends will have to face in the last half of season three.  Sheriff Stilinski is in danger of losing his job by the force of Scott’s estranged FBI agent father. Scott and Isaac are at odds over Allison.  And at the very end of the episode Scott encounters a small, white fox whose eyes glow blue.

According to the mysterious new student Kira, Bardo is the stages between life and death, which may be what Scott and his two friends are experiencing.  Deaton tells them, rather vaguely of course, that a door to their brains were opened that must be shut before things get worse. Seeing the three teenagers mental states slowly deteriorate creates a sense of unknown doom for the rest of the season. And the seasons tagline “Lose Your Mind.” leads viewers to believe that more illusions, hallucinations and psychological horrors are to come.

Even with the darker undercurrents to the episode, there has been a welcome return to the comedy and dynamics of the very first season. In season 3A the show was bogged down by unnecessary and unconvincing villains and strayed away from the true heart of the show, which is Scott McCall and his relationships with his friends as they navigate the supernatural world they live in. The episode showcases Scott and Isaac’s tension over Isaac’s attraction to Allison, Melissa McCall trying to raise not one but two teenage werewolves, Lydia being as brilliant ever and a new, mysterious resident of Beacon Hills, Kira.

The lighthearted dynamics between the characters even during dark times isn’t the only thing  that I was glad to see back in 3B. The very end scene shows our former alpha, Derek Hale. We last saw Derek leaving town with his sister, Cora. Now we see him, being tortured along with his uncle Peter, but by who?


1. Scott slamming Isaac against the wall because of Allison and Melissa’s reaction. (” My house does not have a supernatural healing ability”)

2. Melissa’s reaction to basically everything. She’s handled the supernatural revelations extremely well and with much enjoyed humor and she’s just as awesome as her son.

3.  The opening scene. Stiles nightmares, Allisons hallucinations and Scott’s trouble with his wolf were all thrilling and slightly creepy. Also Dylan’s acting in the dreaming sequence was extremely convincing and amazing.

4.  Kira. She had two scenes and I already love her. She’s cute. Her outfits are amazing. She may help Scott get over Allison. She gives us an interest tidbit of information, rather suddenly and we know she has supernatural ties to Beacon Hills. Note to Jeff Davis: Please don’t kill her.

5. Lydia. Finally. FINALLY, Lydia is fully aware of everything going on around her. She knows not only about the town she lives in and the ability of all her friends but also finally knows her own identity. And lets be honest, SHE OWNS IT.

3A was frankly an inconsistent mess. The villains and new characters introduced were unnecessary and underdeveloped and took away  from the integrity of the main characters and their stories.  However, Anchors has seemed to take us back to the exciting, compelling teen drama we were introduced to in season 1.


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