Teen Wolf: “Divine Move” gives us a final defeat, another death, and a surprising resurrection.

The nogitsune, still taking Stiles' likeness, flanked by the Oni.

The nogitsune, still taking Stiles’ likeness, flanked by the Oni.

Despite the finale’s flaws, after a few wholly disappointing episodes, “Divine Move” was exactly that.

The devastating death of Allison Argent has only increased the need to defeat the Oni and the Nogitsune. Chris Argent, who just lost the only surviving member of his family, coaches Scott on how to lie about Allison’s death. It is followed by a heartbreaking moment between Isaac and Argent who are both reeling from her death.

The rest of the pack barely has time to grieve with the Oni and the Nogitsune still wreaking havoc on Beacon Hills. It seems like the Oni and the Nogitsune are somehow everywhere at once. The sheriff’s station is under attack, where Stilinski and Parrish desperately try to stop the Oni and end up getting injured in the process. At the hospital, Scott’s parents are trapped in an elevator where Melissa is injured, and Deaton is also stabbed at his office.

According to Mr and Mrs. Yukimura, in order to defeat the Nogitsune it needs to be outsmarted. They need a divine move, something that no one will see coming. The Yukimuras have always believed it is impossible to kill an Oni. But somehow, seconds before her death, Allison Argent accomplished the impossible and pierced the heart of an Oni with one of her arrows. But why did this arrow accomplish what no one else could? After sharing a moment talking about Allison with her father, Isaac discovers what Allison was trying to tell Scott to tell her father in her dying breath.

Allison figured out the only thing that kills the Oni: silver.

Allison’s poorly handled death and the disappointing fact that we barely see her closest friends grieve for her is only somewhat softened by her instrumental part in defeating the Nogitsune.

But it does illustrate a great deal about the brave and intelligent young huntress. She died for her friends, for everyone around her, and still even in her death managed to make a discovery that saved them.

Meanwhile, Lydia reveals to Scott and Deaton that Peter and Derek are in possession of the triskelion carved from the Nemeton, which contains the claws of Talia Hale. A powerful object might be instrumental in destroying the Nogitsune.

Lydia, Scott, Kira and Stiles are stuck battling the Oni and the bandaged form of the Nogitsune in the cold snow. Lydia believes they’re stuck in Bardo, the spiritual state between life and death, or death and rebirth. The Nogitsune tries to convince Scott that he has to kill Stiles.

But at the same time, Derek, Aiden and Ethan are up against the Oni and the void duplicate of Stiles. After doing their best against the powerful thousand year old Ngitsune, Aiden is stabbed.

This brings about a lot of confusion. Can the Oni and Nogitsune be in more than one place at the same time? Is the evil trickster spirit that powerful?

As Stiles has a sword pointed toward his own chest, he realizes that this is all an illusion, a trick. Once they break free from the illusion they can go help their friends defeat the real Nogitsune, who has just stabbed Aiden.

Isaac and Argent use the last remaining silver arrows to defeat the Oni, but it doesn’t stop the Nogitsune. And by the time the rest of the pack show up it is too late. Aiden dies a heroic death in his brother’s arms.

But the Nogitsune is still out there. Until Scott uses his divine move. It is at this very moment in the episode that we realize all of the small discoveries in the season come together to produce the Nogitsune’s demise.

The scroll obtained from the Yakuza stated that in order to defeat it, you need to change its form. The triskelion needs to be used to capture the Nogitsune. The Nogitsune uses illusions and manipulation to create chaos and pain.

Scott uses his claws to turn the Nogitsune into a werewolf, which ultimately turns him into a pile of dust from which the ominous fly emerges. Isaac catches the fly in the triskelion. At the hospital, Melissa is magically healed, as is Deaton, Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish.

All of the small clues throughout the season have merged into a satisfying defeat for Beacon Hills’ bravest teenagers.

But the story isn’t over yet.

One of the biggest flaws of the show is it’s inconsistencies; stories that are started and not finished, facts and clues thrown out that the viewers think might be important and are never addressed again. It has become so common that many smaller conversations and storylines don’t cross my mind twice.

However, in the episodes shocking twist, we are taken back to the first episode of 3B. When Derek and Peter were kidnapped the by the Spanish hunter family, they kept mentioning the she-wolf. The mention was thought to be talking about Cora, who was off running with a pack in South America. The she-wolf was never mentioned again until now.

Kate Argent, the woman responsible for burning Derek’s family, is very much alive.

Small tidbits of information that have been dispersed throughout the three seasons culminate in the two biggest parts of the finale: the Nogitsune’s defeat and the revelation that Kate was not killed but turned.

The episodes biggest flaw is the lack of devastation regarding Allison’s death. Allison Argent deserved a proper funeral, Lydia deserved time to grieve, Stiles needed time to process the loss of a friend. This is something that I hope is rectified in season 4.

The finale has ended one chapter and began another, which is exactly what a finale is supposed to do. The episode even had time for a few small comedic moments.

One of which might have even been better than Kate Argent being alive. After the death of his twin, Ethan tells Danny that he’s not going to stay in Beacon Hills. Danny knows they wouldn’t have worked out. Danny doesn’t date werewolves. Finally, we get confirmation that one of Beacon Hills smartest teenagers isn’t completely in the dark about the supernatural elements of the town. This is Beacon Hills, after all.

With season 4’s promise of Kate Argent, more Lydia Martin and the introduction of Malia Tate, June can’t come fast enough. Although the show will not be the same without Allison.

Top 5 moments:
1. Allison being the one who discoveries how to defeat the Oni.
2. Melissa McCall’s concern for her son, even while believing that she was bleeding to death.
3. Danny Mahealani knows.
4. Isaac and Chris teaming up to save everyone with the knowledge Allison left behind.
5. Kate Argent is alive.

Hopes for season 4:
1. More Derek Hale, for the relationship between Derek and Scott to grow. For Derek to become a more cemented member of Scott’s pack again.
2. Recognition of Allison, the effect her loss has had on her friends and family and how they have grieved for her.
3. For Malia Tate to become a developed character, not just a love interest.
4. Now that we know that Danny knows, can he please be a bigger part of the pack?
5. Lots of Kate Argent!
6. More Braeden, Deputy Parrish and Ms. Morell, who was criminally underused this season.

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