Teen Wolf: Everyone is “losing it” in Riddled.

Stiles in the hospital. Copyright MTV

Stiles in the hospital. Copyright MTV

We’re pulled in by Stiles’ frantic phone call to Scott. Stiles doesn’t know where he is, it’s dark and he’s hurt and begging for Scott to save him. Lydia’s banshee powers allow her to hear his distress. Scott and Isaac go to Stiles’ house, where they run into Lydia and Aiden. The scene of Stiles’ bedroom is unsettling. The red strings that he uses to mark unsolved cases as tied to his unkempt bed. The case he was trying to solve was himself.

Stiles is indeed laying on a cold, dark floor. His leg is stuck in a trap and he’s crying out in pain. Stiles is trembling and calling out pleading with the other presence in the room. A mysterious figure seems to be in the corner, he drops a piece of chalk. The symbol for self appears in chalk on the wall and then disappears into the smoke as Stiles looks on desperately and helplessly. Again, Dylan has perfected the depiction of a teen plagued by insanity.

Against Stiles’ wishes, Scott and Isaac go to the Sheriff for help. After tracking the Jeep to the hospital, Derek joins in on the search party.  The former alpha reveals that Stiles’ scent gives off emotions of stress and anger and signs of a struggle with himself.

Meanwhile, Lydia and Aiden are still at the Stilinski home, and strangely not out looking for him with the rest of the friends. While Aiden aimlessly looks around and is more concerned with a drawing Lydia drew than the fact that Stiles is missing, Lydia’s banshee hearing kicks in once again.  She tracks his location to the same mental hospital that the  deranged bomber Barrow was committed to.

Stiles is still trying to figure out what is going on and who the mysterious person accompanying him is. The figure has a bandaged face and is chanting in what might be Japanese.But then the chilling voice turns to english, saying “Who are you Stiles? Who are we?” A question that might lead to the assumption that this is the spirit possessing Stiles body speaking.  The figure keeps referring to him and Stiles as we. Stiles protest, which demonstrates his efforts to separate himself with whatever is plaguing him.  The figure points out that the trap on Stiles’ leg has switched legs. Is hallucinating? Is he trapped inside his own mind?

His father, Lydia,Aiden and Scott arrive at the mental institution, where Lydia senses that he is. But the basement is empty. Lydia might not be able to find him, but the estranged Mccall parents are also on the search. Agent Mccall thinks Stiles is still asleep and that he knows exactly where he is.

Stiles is being dragged by the strange bandaged figure, screaming and pleading. And Dylan’s acting still continues to astound and amaze. The curdling screams and tears radiate through Stiles’ whole body and send chills up your spine. When Stiles’ comes to, he is not in a basement being dragged by a strange figure, he is in the company of the Mccalls.

Meanwhile, Isaac goes to inform Allison of the night’s events. Allison was asleep, her phone mysteriously shut off. She has a voicemail, a voicemail that seems to be spoken in another language.

Surprisingly enough, it is Aiden who makes the connection that Stiles might be the Nogitsune, the dark and powerful Kitsune that can take over someone’s body.  But Derek seems to come to his own conclusions and asks Kira to tell him everything that happened when Barrow kidnapped her. They find Stiles’ bat and the power station and Derek asks Kira for more help, to tell him everything about fox fire.

At the hospital, the Sheriff informs the rest of the search party that Stiles is okay and thanks Agent McCall for finding him. But things aren’t as okay as they may seem. Lydia is still hearing things to a loud and overwhelming capacity. Melissa has to tell the Sheriff an unsettling truth. But Stiles’ father is already thinking the same thing she is, that Stiles has the same terrible condition that killed his mother.  Before the hospital starts running tests, Stiles and Scott embrace in a powerfully emotional embrace.  The relationship between the two best friends will always be one of the strongest and most powerful relationships in the show, more meaningful that any romance that Teen Wolf has portrayed.

Although absent for part of the season, Derek is still investing in the well being of not only Scott but all of his friends. Derek comes to the conclusion that Barrow might have used Kira’s foxfire to jumpstart the dark power of the Nogitsune inside of Stiles. Although Kira has only been around for a short time, the most recent few episodes have demonstrated a lot about her character. Kira automatically assumed she was the dark one and everything was her fault, now she blames herself for what is happening to Stiles. This only furthers the fact that Kira is a loyal and kindhearted person whose inherent abilities have gotten her mixed up in a potentially terrible situation.

Dylan’s acting isn’t the only to deserve praise this episode. Holland Roden depiction of Lydia as she suffers through hearing distressing sounds that may relate to Stiles’ afflictions, is powerful and emotional. When Lydia sits in her car, overcome by the banging sounds that Stiles’ is hearing in his MRI, words aren’t even needed to portray her anxiety and worry.

The show has continued to depict the multiple, varying relationships between most of the different characters.  The relationship between Scott and Derek has always been one with complications. It has gone from Derek biting Scott, who didn’t ask to be thrown into this supernatural world and who showed lots of resentment and fear towards Derek until now, where they’ve finally come to a point where they can work together and respect each other. Derek recognizes Scotts pure ability to lead and Scott knows that he can learn a thing or two from the former alpha of Beacon Hills.

They realize that Stiles was trying to protect everyone from himself. The worst fears of all the characters become a reality in the last ten minutes. Lydia lets out one of her ominous screams and Melissa and the Sheriff receive the terrible news about Stiles’ brain. And Stiles is visited again by the mysterious bandaged man with the pointy silver teeth, who taunts “Your friends, your family, everyone who ever meant something to you. We’re going to destroy all of them.”

The figure taunts and screams , beginning Stiles to solve the riddle “Everyone has it and no one loses it, what is it?” The final closing scene is the most raw, dark and overwhelming powerful scene to ever come out of Teen Wolf. As the sinister bandaged creature begins unraveling, we see another Stiles. Dylan uses carefully crafter facial expressions that clearly differentiate between the good Stiles and his evil counterpart.  Dylan creates two separate characters solely on the look in their eyes and there it is like nothing I have ever seen before.

Stiles is normally overly animated and loud, full of expression and movement. The dark Stiles is cold, emotionless and methodic. His eyes alone tell the difference. After the new Stiles gives a sinister, sly smile, a power surge erupts in the hospital and Stiles is nowhere to be found.  As the occupants of the hospital run frantic, Stiles is slow and calm walking through the hall. Kira’s mysterious mother appears, recognizing the Nogitsune right away. Dylan carefully delivers the chilling line “Are you threatening us?” with such a cruel and sinister tone. Although Kira’s mother is fearlessly flanked by the Oni , Stiles is not deterred by the “fireflies”. When Mrs. Yukimura states “If the Oni can’t defeat you , I know someone who will.” We are immediately shown her daughter, Kira. Which poses the question will Scott have t chose between helping Kira defeat the Nogitsune and saving his best friend?

Top Moments of the Week:

  • Stiles frantic pleas for help in the beginning of the episode.
  • Lydia sitting her in car, desperately tying to drown out the sounds she was picking up from Stiles.
  • The hug between Stiles and Scott while Stiles is in the hospital.
  • The speech between Scott and Stiles in the hospital waiting room.
  • Melissa being right by the Sheriff’s side while they wait to find out Stiles’ condition.
  • Stiles solving the riddle, his other self taking over him.

Although the first half of season 3 was Teen Wolf’s weakest, 3B is proving to be its strongest, most compelling and well executed. The storyline, the pacing, the acting, it was all at its best this week and I can’t wait to see what happens next. This episode was one of those special hours of television that evokes so much emotion that you are still thinking about it well after your viewing experience is over.

But there’s still a big question looming ahead: Jeff Davis has teased that a main character in the opening credits will die this season?

My top three picks (Clarifying that this is not who I want to die but who I think might. I don’t want anyone to die!)

– Stiles



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