Teen Wolf: “Illuminated” leaves us in the dark.


Students enjoy the blacklight party at Derek's before things go bad. Copyright MTV

Students enjoy the blacklight party at Derek’s before things go bad. Copyright MTV

In “Illuminated” we pick back up with Isaac laying terrified on the floor after a group of shadow-like people try to take him. However, Allison’s father thinks these  faceless men in dark clothing were after him.  After rescuing Kira from Barrow and witnessing her strange talent, Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira are questioned by Agent McCall as Sheriff Stilinski looks on.

As Kira struggles with her unusual ability, Scott tries his best to make her feel normal. While, twins Ethan and Aiden try “being human” in order to impress Scott so he lets them in his pack. This aspect demonstrates a great deal about what kind of person Scott is, and also the type of people Ethan and Aiden are. Lydia also realizes what type of person Aiden is and finally is the person who directly addresses the fact that Ethan and Aiden assisted in Boyd’s death.

Once Kira reveals to Scott the fact that orbs of light surround her in pictures, he and Stiles help her delete the pictures from her phone, which is still locked up in the Sherriff’s office as evidence.  In order to help Scott and Kira, Stiles must distract Scott’s dad. He reveals an interesting fact, the Sheriff knows a secret about Agent McCall, and so does Stiles. From the look on Scott’s father’s face, it doesn’t look like a good thing, but what exactly do the Stilinski’s know?

In an attempt to care about people and impress Scott (while also getting to spend to time with Danny), Ethan uses Derek’s loft as the spot to hold Danny’s black light party. It’s frankly like a child having his friends over when their parents aren’t home. The place is dark and colorful and filled in dancing teens.

The sweet relationship between Kira and Scott continues to slowly evolve after she confides in him about the mysterious light that surrounds her, which Scott discovers looks an awful lot like a fox. But is this presence good or evil? Is the fox protecting her or is she the fox?  Also, the chemistry and sexual tension between Allison and Isaac is also at an all time high. And Stiles is making out with Caitlin(Zelda Williams) , the girl who lost her girlfriend to one of Jennifer’s human sacrifices.

But this is Teen Wolf after all, we know the fun won’t last very long. Ethan gets surrounded by the same shadowy men that attacked Isaac and Stiles has a mysterious key on his keychain that he’s never seen. And Lydia too becomes cornered by figures emerging from the shadows who also have the ability to quiet her banshee-wails.

It is then discovered that all those attacked by these shadow creatures have an upside down number 5 branded behind their ear. What does it mean? The victims are not only Isaac, Ethan and Lydia but also Derek. Derek, who does in fact, act like an angry father when he comes how to see hundred of glowing teenagers partying in his home.

Once the house is cleared of party goers, the wolves and company come together to try and fend off the shadows.  They fail to succeed, when Aiden is too marked by the dark creatures but are thankfully saved by the sun coming up.  Who are these people and what do they want? Isaac announces that Chris Argent’s twenty four hours are up as he is seen battered and bloody stumbling through his door. The biggest revelation comes when Stiles discovers the mysterious key leads to the Chemistry room where Barrow was hiding and discovers that he is the one who left the coded message for Barrow to take Kira. What does this mean for Stiles, is this a part of the darkness affecting him since the icebath? What will he do now with this information?

The strange key Stiles finds on his keychain leads him to a terrible revelation. Copyright MTV.

The strange key Stiles finds on his keychain leads him to a terrible revelation. Copyright MTV.

The episode raised alot of questions, which won’t be a band thing as long as they are all answered eventually. This has been one of the shows biggest problems as a whole, each scene has so many layers of mysteries than not all of them get fully solved. Frankly, it’s frustrating and I’m hoping that just like a lot of other aspect of the show, this improves in 3B. Overall, the episode was still enjoyable with slow and consistent character development, which has been one of the past struggles of the show. When it comes to characters, the further development of Lydia is something that this season has done best. She is finally aware of everything going on around her and aware of her own true self and is finally taking in active part in helping the town and her friends. We have also been able to see everyone’s true appreciation for Scott, his amazing heart and his great potential as a leader, even from the twins. Despite it’s one fault, the episode was still face-paced, exciting and a continued improvement from 3A.

Quotes of the Week:

  • “You’re not just a bad boy, Aiden. You’re a bad guy and I don’t want to be with the bad guys.” (Lydia to Aiden)
  • “Scott doesn’t care about power, he cares about people.” (Ethan to Aiden)
  • ” Do you wanna talk about Scott or Do you wanna paint my body? (Allison to Isaac)
  • “If I wanted to go to a rave, I’d get in a time machine and go back to the 90’s” (Lydia to Aiden)
  • “I know the real reason you don’t like him. Because he knows something you don’t want him to know. And guess what? I know it too.”  (Stiles to Agent McCall)


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