Teen Wolf: “Insatiable” deliveries irrelevant events and an unneccessary demise


Allison completes an Argent ritual with her father. Copyright MTV.

Allison completes an Argent ritual with her father. Copyright MTV.

In this week’s Teen Wolf, we faced the awful and inevitable. The tragic death that had been teased all season finally occurred and one of the most beloved characters met an undeserving demise.

But first, the episode began with Deaton prying the possessed flies out of the twins’ and Isaac’s body and the McCalls and Yukimuras trying to determine if the Stiles in Scott’s house is in fact the real Stiles Stlinski. After the Oni determine that Stiles is himself, the pack races to find Lydia who is with the Nogitsune. The Nogitsune tells her “you’ll be screaming”, which foreshadows the death that is to come.

At the station, the Sheriff is finally reunited with Stiles, but the reunion is far from sentimental as they continue to search for Lydia. Allison and Isaac come across her car. Allison discovers the message left on Lydia’s window “Don’t find me”. If only they would have listened.

We discover that Stiles has been in excruciating pain since the Nogitsune expelled him from a duplicate of his own body and that Meredith, an Eichen House patient, is also a banshee who may be able to help.

Lydia is trapped by the Nogitsune and trying to escape. The nogitsune is taunting her, whispering in her ear “I feel what you feel and I’m insatiable” as she chokes back her inevitable and ominous screams.

Chris Argent finally officially makes Allison a hunter of the family by giving the family silver bullets but Allison’s is different. Allison decides she wants a silver arrowhead not a bullet. It is an extremely fitting decision that demonstrates her growth, her strength and her skill.

Stiles and Scott rescue Meredith with the help of Kira and Coach Finstock, and they take her to Scott’s. Meredith tells Stiles and Isaac exactly what Lydia’s car window had said, that Lydia does not want to be found. Although Lydia could be in grave danger the scene in which Isaac and Stiles try to get information from Meredith is unnecessarily comedic and sloppy.

Meanwhile Scott’s father reveals to him that he was drunk and dropped Scott as a baby when he was fighting with Melissa and it was then that Melissa kicked him out. This was the secret that the Nogitsune threatened Melissa with. It is extremely underwhelming and unbelievable that anyone would think that Scott would be mad at his mother for this.

When Scott figures out where Lydia is, her friends rush to save her. Chris Argent tells his daughter to wait, but Allison doesn’t listen and continues on to save her best friend. The stronger the Nogitsune gets, the weaker Stiles becomes. Scott and Allison are both there to save their best friends, Lydia and Stiles.

But the Nogitsune breaks Noshiko’s tail, transferring ownership of the Oni to the Nogitsune. As Isaac, Kira and Allison desperately try to fight off the shadowy soldiers, Scott and Stiles go to rescue Lydia. Lydia is frantic, asking who else came with them. Lydia knows the tragic and sadness that is about to come.

Although Kira and Isaac try their best to kill the Oni, it is Allison who takes control. It’s Allison Argent with her new silver arrows who kills one of them, even though it is thought to be impossible. And it is Allison Argent who is then killed by the Oni in return as Lydia screams in anguish for her best friend.

Allison dies brutally and unnecessarily in Scott’s arms as he begs for her to stay with him. Allison dies a hero, a hero who fought hard for her best friends and her family. She is a hero who did not deserve this death.

Allison takes her last breath in Scott's arms. Copyright MTV

Allison takes her last breath in Scott’s arms. Copyright MTV

After being teased all season, this death was completely unnecessary and unneeded in terms of the plot. The episode was too busy, choppy and underwhelming. Barely anything useful occurred in this episode and it seemed to exist only to deliver Allison’s death.

The scene of her death itself was beautifully and tragically heartbreaking, you could feel the loss felt by her first love ,Scott, who wanted to do nothing more than protect her. You could see the pain in the eyes of her father who lost his sister, wife and daughter all in to tragedies in a short amount of time. You could feel the disbelief and shock as Lydia screamed out for her best friend who she might’ve only known for a year but who she shared and experienced so many great and so many terrible experiences with.

But although the scene was beautiful, what purpose does Allison’s death have? Although Crystal Reed chose to leave the show, it is extremely unclear exactly why she had to die as it seems to serve no purpose toward the plot. When Colton Haynes left the show, he was not killed off. Also, the way the mysterious death was marketed now seems completely inappropriate in regards to the nature of Allison’s death and Crystal Reed’s departure.

The whole episode seemed completely irrelevant and the only knowledge gained was that the stronger the Nogitsune becomes, the weaker Stiles is. The plot was extremely sloppy and seemed to exist solely to choose a poorly written end to a beloved character’s life.

And now we remember Allison. Allison Argent was an inspiring character who taught us that you could be strong and still have a huge heart. Allison was a brave leader and a caring friend. Allison could simultaneously love and lead.  She forged her own path and she built her own code. And even in death, she was and will continue to be one of the most unique, complex and inspirational young female characters of our time.

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