Teen Wolf: Introducing the Nogitsune.

Scott reveals his wolf to Kira, who is not afraid. Copyright MTV

Scott reveals his wolf to Kira, who is not afraid. Copyright MTV

The episode begins with Chris Argent revealing exactly how he recognized the mysterious shadow men that have branded Scott’s friends. Argent came upon the men in Japan, where they killed almost everyone he was with. He doesn’t know what they’re after but that without a mask, they have a face of pure darkness. He tries to track down one of the other survives, who doesn’t want to be found.

After the big revelation of all the different supernatural qualities of Beacon Hills, Kira finds out she isn’t the only one. But unlike most, she accepts Scott right away as being a werewolf.  And with a technique that Teen Wolf does best, the tender scene of Kira touching Scott’s face while he is in wolf form, is juxtaposed with a more comedic one. While riding to school, Scott is flanked on both sides by the twins who are still desperately trying to be in his pack, further endorsing Stiles “hot girl” theory. Scott finally convinces the twins to leave him alone for a few seconds so he can talk to Stiles.

 A frantic, pale Stiles reveals to Scott that he fears he is the one who let Barrow in the Chemistry closet and instructed him to kill Kira. But the key is now missing and the black board is erased. Scott tries to reassure his clearly unstable best friend that he probably wasn’t trying to kill anyone, but at this point it’s hard to believe.

Allison, her father and her new maybe-almost-boyfriend Isaac are trying to figure out how to stop the shadow figures, who might be after Scott. From season one where Chris Argent was trying to kill him, and season two where Isaac had first taunted him, a lot has changed when it comes to other people and Scott McCall. The evolution of others opinions of Scott has progressed fluidly and not suddenly. Just like Scott has earned the title of True Alpha, he has truly earned the respect and admiration of Isaac , Argent who formerly had strictly hunted all werewolves and even the twins, although I still find their intentions weak. One of the best parts of this season is Scott’s growth as a character. He has involved from immature new werewolf who was only concerned with impressing Allison to a courageous and kindhearted leader that others look up to.

Stiles is stuttering, bleary eyed and completely unsettled as he tries to make a doctor’s appointment. Melissa is there to help. She believes he is sleep deprived and gives him a sedative to help. As the heavily medicated boy falls asleep, he whispers “Thanks mom.” to Scott’s mom. Dylan’s portrayal of the teenager slowly losing his sanity is intense and captivating. I am continually and constantly impressed with his acting and ability to convey such powerful emotions. Melissa than makes the discovery that Stiles deceased mother had the same symptoms before she passed.

With the threat of the shadows still looming, the Argents and  Isaac are still trying to find a way to contact Kitashi, the Japanese gun dealer that Chris had met when he was 18. The scenes between Isaac, Allison and Chris are full of witty banter and comedic instances while still furthering the plot and helping us find out who these ninja-like creatures are. And we finally get a kiss between Allison and Isaac, finally.

Isaac poses as a gundealer to try and meet Kitashi. Scott and Kira return to his house to try to hide from the things that are after him. Kira reveals to Scott that she thinks she is a Kitsune, a type of fox-spirit.  The two share a moment where they almost kiss, but then Agent McCall interrupts them with the news that he knows they broke into his office.

Scott and Kira do not get time to explain as the creatures, which Kitashi reveals are unstoppable demons called the Oni, stab Scott’s father. However, Scott is not alone. Derek and the twins burst into the McCall home and with the help of Melissa and a can of mountain ash, remove the demons from the home.  Scott’s father will not make it until the sun comes up without medical help and there is no other way to get rid of the demons. Kitashi reveals a startling truth, the Oni are looking for a Nogitsune “the one who is not himself”, a person possessed by a demon. A person who at this point, could very well be Stiles.

According to Kitashi there are thirteen kind of Kitsune, one of which is a dark one, the Void, which draws its power from pain and tragedy.  But Derek already knew all about the Kitsune. Although a small part of the whole episode, Derek Hale seems like he is finally back and at his best. He was following Scott all day to protect him, without making it obvious and using it to brag (Unlike the twins.) He helps Scott fight the demons and  picked up Kira’s identity right away. And he confronts the twins with a powerful question. “I’m sure you’d kill for him. But are you willing to die for him?” A question that demonstrates a great deal about Derek’s sense of loyalty and the kind of person he is, which is often terribly misunderstood.

The Oni are not after anything but the dangerous Nogitsune. Copyright MTV

The Oni are not after anything but the dangerous Nogitsune. Copyright MTV

Kitashi continues his tale for the Argents and Isaac. Leaving them with chilling advice. “If there is a Nogitsune, you must let the Oni kill it. Even if it is your own daughter.” Once everyone in Scott’s house realizes that the Oni will not hurt them unless they are Nogitsune, Scott allows them into the house. The mark behind the ear which looked like a backwards 5 is actually the symbol for self. Scott and Kira were both revealed to not be possessed. Which now leaves us with the almost certainty that Stiles is the Nogitsune. Which is completely confirmed when he crushes one Nogitsune  into a firefly and scares off the remaining two.

Although this episode has been one of the most intriguing, dark and intense episodes we’ve seen, it leaves us again with  slightly confusing and possibly inconsistent plots. Is Stiles a Kitsune? Or has the spirit of a Nogitsune possessed him? Does this have any relation to the ritual that Stiles, Scott and Allison performed in 3A? And most importantly, does Stiles have to be killed?

Although last week I speculated that Derek might be the “main cast member killed”, it now worries me that Stiles could be next. Let’s hope that Scott and his pack find a way to save his best friend.

*NOTE: Although I did do some basic research to the Kitsune myth and since Teen Wolf has clearly strayed from the original mythology, if I have misrepresented or misspelled anything in this review or have made anytime of mistakes please comment to make me aware!

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