Teen Wolf: “More Bad Than Good” is more good than bad.

Scott finally lets himself transform. Photo copyright MTV

Scott finally lets himself transform. Photo copyright MTV

The second episode of 3B leaves us exactly where we left off last week in “Anchors.” Peter and Derek are still being tortured and chained to a fence by a family looking for “the she wolf”. Meanwhile, Scott and Stiles uncover the belongings of the missing girl, Malia, who is now a werecoyote, leading to a confrontation between Sheriff Stilinski and Special Agent McCall.

The episode is consistent and shows the second half of the season is off to a strong start. Not only has the story arc for this part of the season improved from 3A but the characters are evolving consistently and the acting (namely Dylan O’Brien’s portrayal of a barely sane Stiles) is phenomenal.

The dynamic between Scott and Stiles has always been a strong point in the show and it is truly shines in this episode. First , Scott is able to calm Stiles down when he gets consumed by his darkness and the paranoia of being in a dream state. And then we have one of my favorite quotes of the night, when Sheriff Stilinski asks Stiles if he’s sure that the coyote is a girl , Stiles responds saying “Yes, because Scott’s sure.”

Although the subject matter gets continuously darker, the light comedy is still intact. In the scene were Scott, Stiles and Isaac visit with Deaton , they try to figure out how to capture the werecoyote and turn her back into a girl. Stiles isn’t happy with Isaac’s presence “What’s the point of him, Seriously what is his purpose besides the constant negativity… and the scarf.” The quip by Stiles is followed by the realization that Scott is, for a lack of a better term “An alpha with performance issues.” This simple banter helps keep the show, (It’s still a show about teenage werewolves), from taking itself too seriously.

The three main character’s are slowly losing their sanity due to the consequences of dying and coming back to life to save their parents. Stiles’ inability to read, his constant panic of being in a dream state and his difficulty waking up from dreams is one of the most compelling aspects to the new season. Allison’s inability to shoot and her hallucinations of Kate are eerie and intriguing. While Allison and Isaac are getting preparing the tranquilizers for the werecoyote, Allison hallucinates being awake on the operating table. Kate is her doctor and all the nurses are werewolves. When she comes to, she is pointing the tranquilizer at Isaac. Stiles losing his grip on reality puts himself in danger and Allison’s problem with her weapon could put someone else in danger. Both of their troubles are something right out of a psychological thriller.

However, Scott’s version of “Lose Your Mind” (the seasons tagline) is lacking. Yes, for an alpha to not be in control of his wolf is definitely troublesome but Scott’s psychological issues are not as dramatic or as interesting as his best friend’s and his former girlfriend’s. Scott is supposed to be the main character, the leader, the true alpha, shouldn’t he be the one who “loses his mind” the most? It would be interesting to see Scott being the one on the brink of true destruction and overcome it, further demonstrating his will and ability to be the true alpha.

The episode also continues to set what seems to be the possible three romances for the season. First there’s new girl Kira who is clearly pining over Scott (who might actually be enjoying it.) Then we have the bubbling chemistry between Isaac and Allison as he helps her overcome her inability to shoot. And lastly, the growing bond between Lydia and Stiles, who have been working together to help their friends.

The episode ends with Scott, finally overcoming his fears about transforming and helping change the werecoyote back into a girl, Malia (So happy to see Shelley Hennig on tv again!) , who has been trapped in her coyote form for 8 years, the Hales and Brayden opening a mysterious box and supernatural events occuring at the Nemeton.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “Are you sure that this is a girl not an animal?” “Yes because Scotts sure.” (The Sheriff and Stiles)
  • “What’s the point of him, seriously what is his purpose besides the constant negativity… and the scarf” (Stiles to Scott, about Isaac)
  • “I’m an alpha with performance issues.” (Scott in reference to his inability to control his wolf)
  • ” You don’t need the instructions, when’s the last time you’ve ever used instructions? Am I right? You don’t need them because you are too smart to waste your time with them. You can figure it out. Stiles, you’re the one who always figures it out.” (Lydia to Stiles when she’s stuck on the animal trap)


  • Kira’s crush on Scott. And Kira herself for that matter. Only two episodes in and I’m already interested to know more.
  • Everything about Stiles in this episode especially the scene in the classroom when he couldn’t read and saving Lydia from the bear trap
  • The ladies wardrobes just keep getting better.
  • Brayden. I was so happy to see her, and I can’t wait to see what happens with her, Derek, and Peter.
  • Stiles attitude towards Isaac
  • Scott turning Malia into a human.
  • The abundance of Sheriff Stilinski in this episode.


  • The twins. I’m just still wary about the twins. They almost killed Derek. They murdered Boyd and there was no repercussions or fallout from that. Are we supposed to believe that they’re good just because they’re not alphas anymore?
  • The lack of speaking from Derek. We know he’s a man of few words but Derek has been considerably in the background and it’s worrysome.
  • The complete inconsistency in Isaac’s character. One minute he’s this vulnerable, kind-hearted former victim of abuse. But the next he’s sarcastic, confident and kind of a jerk. I like both versions of the character but instead of feeling like two sides of one person being portrayed, it feels like two different characters and can be off putting.


  • Reply January 15, 2014

    A Fan

    A very thorough and spot-on review, I must say, and one too which I largely agree. I do contest, however, the notion that Scott’s sanity slippage is somehow lacking. I’ve always preferred subtlety to dramatic displays, and “losing control” for Scott has more far reaching implications than what’s immediately seen. From the hulking shadow and near slip in his father’s presence in “Anchors,” to his verbalized concerns in Deaton’s office, it’s clear that Scott’s biggest fear is losing himself to the beast inside – which, for a true alpha with (presumably) extraordinary abilities, I would say is very pertinent . The fight with the twins highlights this even further; for someone like Scott, nothing could be worse than becoming another Peter.

    Also, I actually like the idea of him being made of firmer stuff than Stiles and Allison. As fun as it may be to watch a character break down and reconstruct themselves, it’s the relatively stable fixtures who are the unsung heroes of the fictional world. They don’t have to be perfect, and indeed, Scott’s already had a major slip; wolfing out in front of his father could have ended very badly in all sorts of ways. Still, his mom pulled him back with the right words – by being his own anchor, he’s taken a step towards being an anchor for everyone else.

    • Reply January 16, 2014

      Kaitlyn Rocks

      These are all great points! I do think Scott is going to wind up being the strongest one , and the one who can not only anchor himself, but everyone else. Thank you for reading!

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