Teen Wolf: New mysteries uncovered in “Galvanize”

Lydia discovers who Barrow is trying to kill. Copyright MTV.

Lydia discovers who Barrow is trying to kill. Copyright MTV.

The episode begins with a scene reminiscent of a horror movie. Melissa McCall is interviewing a patient before surgery, a patient who happens to be a dangerous killer named Barrow who set off a bomb on a bus full of children.  He asks eerie questions about mischief night and tells Melissa to just come right out and ask him why he did it. Barrow bolts upright and says in a voice filled in hysteric horror “Their eyes were glowing!”.

Meanwhile Ethan and Aiden approach Scott asks to join his pack, which he declines in agreement with Isaac and Stiles. “You’re like the hot girl all the guys want.” says Stiles. “You’re the hot girl.”  Lydia is distracted in class by the sound of flies buzzing.

The sound isn’t just a simple nuisance, at the same time, Melissa is getting ready to help operate on Barrow. When they open him up a tumor of flying explodes from his stomach, he miraculously wakes up from anesthesia and escapes to the school.

The team assembles in their usual fashion. Scott and Isaac reluctantly team up with Aiden and Ethan to track Barrow with his scent. Allison uses her families knowledge to figure out exactly what the killer is. Stiles gives information to his father and then assists Lydia save the whole school from being blown to pieces.

The mood lightens when Scott goes to dinner at new girl, Kira’s house and has a interesting first experience eating sushi, a scene which further cements the possible romantic relationship between the two. Stiles and Lydia are still hard at work trying to find out where Barrow could be and their bond is also continuing to grow at some capacity. Last week, Lydia was the one encouraging Stiles when he lost his confidence. This week, Stiles is the one comforting Lydia when she doubts her abilities.

“You’ve been right every time something like this has happened. So don’t start doubting yourself now. Barrow was there, you knew it, you felt it. If you wanted to I’d go back to that school right now and search all night just to prove it.”

A hunch leads the two back to school where they discover a mysterious clue that leads back to Kira, who they later find out has been kidnapped by Barrow. Isaac goes over to Allison’s to “help her” look through the bestiary. Isaac tries to kiss Allison who freaks out and insists she’d never date another werewolf. However minutes later her father walks in to find the two topless and angrily calls Allison into his office, “where he keeps his guns.” It did seem a little strange that Chris was more concerned that his daughter was half naked with “Another werewolf!” and not just the fact that his teenage daughter was half naked with a boy in general.

When Scott, Stiles and Lydia go to rescue Kira, she somehow harnesses all the electricity into her fingertips. During the citywide blackout caused by her mysterious power, a group of masked figures come to attack Isaac while Allison and her father desperately try to get in the room and save him.

The Derek and Peter storyline in this episode left much to be desired. I don’t agree with the fact that Derek’s character seems to be pushed to the background in this half of the season however, the storyline given to him isn’t making me care about him either. I’m hoping this changes within the next few episodes or his absence will continue to make me wonder if he is the main character who gets killed off this season, a spoiler teased by creator Jeff Davis.

The episode opened up a few mysteries and possibilities that I am eager to see unfold. Will Scott’s father have a bigger role in the events going on in Beacon Hills, will he ever find out about the supernatural elements? What and who exactly is Barrow after, the wolves in Beacon Hills or another entity entirely? Who are the masked men who attack Isaac?  I’m hoping that unlike 3A we actually get the answers to all the questions raised in this half of the season.



  • Scott kissing Melissa on the head. How cute!
  • The opening scene with Melissa questioning Barrow in the hospital.
  • Stiles and Lydia talking in his room after leaving the school the first time.
  • Chris Argent’s reaction to discovering his daughter topless with another werewolf
  • Ethan and Aiden walking in on Danny making out with another boy.
  • Lydia’s everything in this episode, she was amazing.
  • The revelation about Kira.

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