Teen Wolf: The fight to save Stiles continues

The nogitsune stabs Scott. Copyright MTV.

The nogitsune stabs Scott. Copyright MTV.

With 3B being the most well executed season of  teen wolf far, Letharia Vulpina continues to deliver an ever more thrilling, fast-paced and darker episode than the last.

It begins with the much missed, Dr. Deaton barging in to the home of Yakuza members. In typical, Deaton fashion he admits he poisoned their wolf, paralyzed one of the Yakuza bosses and steals what he came for, a moss called Letharia Vulpina. He declares “There’s a fox hiding inside of a teenage boy and I’m going to poison it.”

We left off with Stiles escaping from the hospital and the electrical current running through water in the hospital parking lot. Isaac gets hurt from the sparks and for some mysterious reason will not heal. And Stiles is still nowhere to be found. 

The rest of their friends and family are on edge waiting for Isaac’s recovery and  Stiles whereabouts to be discovered. The twins and Scott discover Stiles in the basement of the school. He frantically swears that he is in fact himself, and not the nogitsune and seems fully aware of the fact that the nogitsune has possessed his body.

After Stiles is found chaos ensues. Coach Finstock is struck with an arrow after running into a trap and a student is trapped on the bus with what they think might be a bomb. But the real shrapnel bomb, is at the sheriffs office, where Chris Argent and Derek are being held by Agent McCall in suspicion of Katashi’s murder.

Meanwhile, Peter sends a message to Lydia through her mother. Lydia visits her former attacker at the apartment he shares with Derek, accompanied by Allison who refuses to leave her side. Peter requests Lydia to uncover a memory that his sister Talia had erased from him.  Even with the protests from her protective best friend, Lydia discovers that Peter has a child. A child who could be Malia Tate, the were coyote that Scott and the pack rescued.

Stiles than stabs Scott, revealing that it was the nogitsune this whole time. But Deaton comes to Scott’s aid, using the Letharia Vulpina to paralyze the nogitsune inside of Stiles.

The next episode, “Echo House” begins with Stiles ,who is now himself after Deaton poisons the nogitsune, being checked into Eichen House, the mental facility that serial killer, Barro had escaped from. Scott begs Stiles, to not go, but Stiles asks Scott to let him stay. Scott tells his best friend “If you’re in there I can’t help you.” But Stiles replies ” But I can’t hurt you.” Which demonstrates the powerful bond between the two, one of the most heartfelt relationships on the show.

The somber tone continues as the Sheriff checks his son into a mental hospital, still fearing that Stiles has the same condition as his mother, although he knows the supernatural is at play. Stiles’ father panics when he releases that he forgot Stiles pillow, Stiles hugs him sadly and tells him he hasn’t slept well in weeks.

Although the nogitsune is supposed to be paralyzed, Stiles is still seeing the bandaged figure. A suicide occurs, Malia is also committed in Eichen House and punches Stiles and Ms. Morrell shows up just as Stiles realizes he has been here before. Was Lydia correct in Riddled? Had Stiles really been in the basement of Eichen House when she believed that he was? Or is Stiles still hallucinating?

Morrell tells Stiles that the vein like marks on his back are called a Lichtenberg figure, which usually occur on lightning strike victims but also demonstrates that the nogitsune is still paralyzed by the lichen. Once the figure disappears, the nogitsune returns. Morrell gives him pills to help him stay awake, but makes him aware that she will do what she has to do to maintain the balance in Beacon Hills if the nogitsune returns. It’s about time that Morrell herself, has returned to the show.

Meanwhile, Lydia, Allison, Scott and the twins plot to rob the armored car that may be carrying the scroll they need to save Stiles. Although the themes of the episode are dark and the situation they are in is dire, seeing the 5 plot  something like this reminds us that they are still teenagers even when facing dark forces.

Stiles is trying to get in the basement with the help of Malia, the girl they helped change back to into a human after she was a werecoyote for years. However, Malia never wanted to change back. Stiles agrees to help her learn how to shift if she helps him get the keys to the basement. Once he has the keys, he gets caught and is sedated.  But then we see Malia helping Stiles find another way to get the key? Is it real or is he dreaming?

Back on the outside, Kira joins in on the plan to rob the armored car but things go wrong when Kinkaid shows up, the werewolf they believe has the scroll which is hidden in Kitashi’s silverfinger.  After Kinkaid overpowers Allison, Kira and Scott, the twins actually become useful and use their strength to help subdue him, almost killing him. But Scott shows his true, honorable colors , taking the scroll and urging the twins to stop saying “We came here to save a life, not take one.”

As Stiles panics and realizes the lines on his back are fading, he becomes distracted when Malia surprises him with a kiss, which leads to much more. But after their moment of passion, they find the body of the nogitsune, the bandaged figure in Stiles’ hallucinations. But Oliver, one of the patients at Eichen House has plans of his own. He sedates Malia and threatens Stiles with trepidation, the drilling of the head. Oliver too, is being persuaded by the nogitsune to create chaos. Stiles pleads with the nogitsune to let Malia go as the nogitsune pleads with Stiles to let it back in. And that quickly, the fox takes over Stiles’ body yet again.

As the episode ends, Malia leaves Eichen House in search of Scott. Scott and Deaton try to decifer the scroll and discover that a way to expel the nogitsune is to change the body of the host. This poses the question: will Stiles become a werewolf?

Both episodes continued the dark intensity that 3B has consistently delivered.  Both episodes have left me completely uneasy and nervous, in the best possible way. And we are still plagued with many questions. Will they be able to kill the nogitsune and save Stiles?  Who was the woman who visited Chris in jail and what does she know ? And most importantly, who is going to die?


Deaton stealing the lichen from the Japanese mafia, and poisioning the nogitsune.

Melissa caring about not only Scott, but Isaac and Stiles.

Kira willingly joining in to help Stiles.

Scott still maintaining his loyalty to his best friend and his morality when fighting to save him.

My idea of who is most likely to die changes every week, but my top three possibilities still remain the same.

Does Derek die, protecting Beacon Hills?

Is the nogitsune inside of Stiles really impossible to defeat without killing him?

Or is Allison actually the real nogitsune and ends up dying because of it?


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